SpringRolls For Your iDevice

By : Mario Dabek posted on June 25, 2012
Price : $Free
Installer : Cydia Store
Category(s) : Springboard

Hi Guy’s,

We all know the reason for Jailbreaking your iDevice is to customize it in the way you want, well this tweak is awesome for that particular reason!

Cydia brings your SpringRolls!!!….  With the help of SpringRolls tweak, you can place in folder as well as badge animation effects, and change the number of rows and columns! Pretty cool hey? This then enables you to choose how many rows and columns you would like to have on your SpringBoard’s Page.

SpringRolls also allows you to hide the dock from view and make changes in the quantity of icons on page. Playing around with these features can give you all types of dock icons layouts of your choice! :-)

You will notice once you have installed this tweak from Cydia that you will find a new configuration setting in your settings.app!

As you can see from the pictures, there is quiet a lot to choose from. What I suggest is to mess about with the layouts/animations to get your perfect setup.It’s also good fun in the process!

The results you get from SpringRolls is AWESOME!!! :-)

What also comes with the SpringRolls Cydia are more goodies, such as it enables you to disable the Dock to get the maximum out of the icon layout, and can enable you to change your Apps delete button into a good-looking red one. There are many more things that can be performed using the tweak.

So…are you liking the sound of this cool Cydia tweak?

SpringRolls is compatible for iOS5+ , it works for iPod Touch & iPhone! (iPad not been tested yet).

As you have seen, this tweak isn’t free, but it will only set you back $1.00 …In our Eyes it’s a right bargain!!!

I personally have this installed on my iPhone 4,iPhone 4s and my iPod Touch 4th Gen, when friends see it, they can’t help but to get it as-well off Cydia!!

This is what Jailbreaking is all about…having tweaks like this that make your iDevice your own!

Well guy’s, I hope you head over to Cydia now and give this a try! I guarantee you that you will NOT be let down!! :-)


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