SpeakEvents reads your iOS notifications (SMS, Email, Tweets etc)

By : Jordan Lawrence posted on April 1, 2012
Price : $1.99
Installer : Cydia Store
Category(s) : Siri

How to have your iOS notifications (SMS, Email, Tweets etc) read out

Hi Guy’s,

As you can see and notice, Notification Center tweaks are coming at you thick and fast! I’m loving it totally….ok, some of the tweaks are ok..ish, but some are brilliant….

SpeakEvents comes under the BRILLIANT ones !

SpeakEvents comes from the BigBoss repo and enables your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to talk to you.

SpeakEvents reads the contents push notifications services like new email messages, SMS messages and tweets.

Using this tweak, you do not require to manually check any message on your iOS device, SpeakEvents notifies automatically.

There are NO new icons added to your Springboard!

As you can see from the pics, once you have installed this tweak, it will prompt you to go to the settings app and configure the options you have.

This tweak doesn’t come free i’m afraid, it will cost you a measly $1.99 AUD. A small price I feel for a brilliant tweak!!!

iDevice Compatibility; iPhone 3gs,4,4s , iPad 1+2

Firmware Compatibility; iOS5 +

SpeakEvents works opposite to Siri, as you have to talk to Siri, while SpeakEvents talks to you.

You can configure the tweak to speak hourly time for you and also it can provide the battery status updates as per setting.

Some of the Features;

  • configure apps for which to speak notifications
  • speak time every hour
  • does not speak in silent mode
  • support multiple languages (en, de, pl, cz, es, ru, more to come), automatically detects the language
  • enable/disable reading of message bodies
  • Uses the phonetic contact names or nicknames from Contacts.app

So guy’s….whats your thought on this tweak???


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