ScrollingBoard For iPhone,iPod Touch & iPad

By : Mario Dabek posted on June 28, 2012
Price : $Free
Installer : Cydia Store

Hi Guy’s,

Since th introduction on folders in iOS4, there has been many tweaks and apps you can get to inhance your experience when using them, here is another really cool tweak you can add to your collection. This one is abit different from the rest….which we will explain.

ScrollingBoard is the cooltweak for iPod,iPhone and iPad,that lets you have scrolling , unlimitedicons in your dock and folders, addons in your dock like iPodControls and Volume/Brightness Slider, scrollview effects, and more. Sounds cool hey??

ScrollingBoard will cost a measly $1.99, that is VERY cheap for the amount of tweak you are getting!!! This will change your experience on your device hugely…what’s also great is that it supports iOS4 & iOS5+, So everyone can enjoy the fun if your on a older device.

iPhone,iPod Touch & iPad users are covered with this tweak, I must say that it works exceptionally well on the iPad! :-)

As mentioned before, ScrollingBaord replaces other known addons that do almost the same thing, as it supports native icon arrangment (the scrollview scrolls to next/previous page when dragging an icon to the edge) , iPodControls right on your dock and the ability to add any addon/widget to your dock! There are LOADS of options that you can configure and create your custom setup.

As you can see, the options are endless, you can almost anything to your Dock and make it more useful than ever! With ScrollingBoard’s DockAddons methods, you can add to you dock, from SBSettings toggles to whole web pages snippets,weather widgets etc.

If your wondering what Cydia tweaks/apps that are compatible with using ScrollingBoard, here are some;

  • SBRotator4
  • Iconoclasm
  • Barrel
  • Shrink

and many more………

Well guy’s, is it worth your hard earned $1.99 ???


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