SBRotator 6 6.0-46 released ! Proper landscape homescreen with Icon scaling

By : Mario Dabek posted on July 20, 2012
Price : $1.99
Installer : Cydia Store

How to rotator your iPhone / iPod home screen

Today we’ll take a quick look at the new SBRotator version 6.0-46.

The new version of the SBrotator app is available from Cydia and addresses the iOS 5.1.1 Camera bug. I’ve been using this iOS Jailbreak App as a part of my in Car setup. And today’s version has quite a few updates.

- No more crashing like before.
- Starts right in Landscape mode, meaning you wont see portrait rotating to landscape everytime, pretty annoying
- has the ability to lock in Landscape and transfers that features to the lock screen as well :)
- Icon scaling, you can see smaller icons in Landscape mode and in the multitasking bar
- new version also uses the accelerometer to mange the battery, so you don’t drain out like on previous versions.

What is SBRoator ?
Basically it’s a cydia tweak that allows your iPod or iPhone to rotate the homescreen just like the iPad can.
SBRotator is fully compatible with InfiniDock, Five IconDock, Infinifolders, Infiniboard and best support with the ScrollingBoard tweak.

Of course you need to jailbreak your device first to be able to install this tweak, so check our jailbreak chart for your jailbreak options.

SBRotator 6 6.0-46 Features

Rotate SpringBoard
Different icon layout
like YouTube/Settings etc, Support Non rotating icon to rotate
Single icon rotation
Support for App Switcher rotation in order to match SpringBoard orientation
Support for 4×4 icons in Portrait
Support for 3×6/2×8 in Landscape
Each oriented Rotation
Added several rotation option
Added Animation option
Added icon layout
Added icon sizing
Compatible with Shrink/Iconoclasm/Lockinfo/Barrel

What’s New In SBRotator 6 6.0-46

- Fixed iOS5.1.1 lockscreen camera button misplacement
- Fixed Siri appearance in landscape.
- Fixed an incompatibility with Barrel.
- Fixed a Newsstand (Kiosk) appearance issue in landscape.
- Added icon scaling option for landscape.
- Added 3 layout modes for landscape.
- Added support for IntelliscreenX
- Added rotation for Notification Center anywhere.
- Multiple iOS5.1.x fixes and improvements

Have a look at the video, showing how the landscape lock works. This is a great feature :) I have my activator set to unlock upon connection in the car. Meaning soon as I connect the cable, Activator unlocks the screen, and SBrotator has it always in landscape, so it doesn’t matter where my phone in banging around in the car, the screen will never flip :) More info will be posted with my “iOS & You in your Car” article that i’m putting together.


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