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By : Jordan Lawrence posted on December 15, 2012
Price : $£5.49
Installer : Cydia Store
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If there is one app to buy for your Jailbroken Apple TV in iTunes, then it has to be Remote HD.

Remote HD gives you complete control over your Jailbroken Apple TV on your iPad, iPhone and even your iPod Touch. So many Apple TV users either loose there Apple TV remote or the batteries may loose it’s juice, so what better way of getting around these problems then to have a App you can turn to and continue to control your little box of awesomeness.

Some people call it lazy, we call it COOL!!! :-P



RemoteHD is not a free app, it will set you back £5.49, you may think that this is a bit commitment to buy it but trust us, the amount of times you either loose your remote or run out of batteries, you will thank us for this article.

As soon as you buy and install it on your iDevice, it will then start to search for any ‘Computers/Apple TV’s’ on your network you are connected to. It roughly takes 2mins and your immediately hooked up ready to go!

So what features does it come with?

1)   Live Audio Streaming

2)   Airplay Support

3)   Wireless Keyboard

4)   Multi-Touch Trackpad

5)   Retina optimized live display of your Computer or Apple TV

and more…..

You have seen above that we have mentioned about the use of it on your Computer, thats right, you can also use Remote HD to control your Mac/PC aswell as your Apple TV, pretty cool right?

Check out some screenshots of us using it on our Apple TV.











See how you have complete control over it, you have fantastic keyboard controls, as well as navigation arrows,Menu button and of course a ‘OK’ button.It’s a complete package all  in one.

So folks, what’s your opinion?

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