Prevent Accidental Update on Your New Jailbroken Device

By : Shawn Godsey posted on February 7, 2013
Software Update Killer/RecoveryGuard
Price : $Free
Installer : Cydia Store
Category(s) : Cydia Tweak

With the new evasi0n 6.X.X untethered jailbreak by the @evad3rs releasing a few days ago, most everyone has already jailbroke their devices and enjoying all the Cydia glory. But lets face it…we all know Apple will take a look at the exploits used and release an update in the near future to fix these exploits, especially now that we know a iOS 6.1.1 beta has been seeded to developers. Knowing this we all must be proactive in making sure we stay on the iOS that is vulnerable to the jailbreak.

Well there are a couple of tweaks available in Cydia to protect yourself against a possible accidental update, thus preserving your jailbreak-ability.

Software Update Killer

If your like me the annoying badge over Settings when an update is available gets on your nerves. Software update killer hides the badge showing on Settings and also hides the “1” showing in Settings > General > Software Update. But this tweak does much more than apply a cosmetic fix. If you actually go to Software Update it disables the “Download and Install” button so there can be no way to accidently hit the button.


Software Update Killer is available for free on The Big Boss Repo which comes pre-installed in Cydia.


Not only will you be covered against Over the Air (OTA) updates but now you can be protected against an update when connecting to iTunes. RecoveryGuard will trick iTunes into thinking the device is running the current iOS. As we know by clicking “Check for Update” or “Restore iPad/iPhone” it will put your device in recovery mode. This tweak prevents your device from going into recovery mode thus preventing an accidental update and losing your jailbreak capability. Once the package is installed, you will receive a message on the Cydia loading screen saying “You are now protected.” If you ever need to restore your device simply remove this tweak or enter DFU manually and restore as normal.


RecoveryGuard is available in Cydia. Go to Manage > Sources > Edit > Add  and add the following repo : Once the source is added install RecoveryGuard, which is available for free.

Although an iPad was used for the screen shots, both tweaks are compatible with the iPhone and iPad.

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