Powerfulpress for iPhone and iPad

By : Jordan Lawrence posted on December 17, 2012
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Installer : Cydia Store

How to put your iPhone into Safe Mode

Scrolling through Cydia as you do, a new tweak caught our eye from cl3ment called Powerfulpress.

Powerfulpress is one of those must have tweaks in our eye’s, what if gives you is different options when you hold down your power button.

The power button only means one thing on whatever iDevice you have, and that is the immediate turning off of your iDevice.

This is where Powerfulpress comes into its own, when you hold down the power button, you will get a popup with 4 options!

  • Respring
  • Safe Mode
  • Power Off
  • Nothing

Cool right?! Whether you need to respring your iDevice or you have accidently pressed your power button, powerpressful takes care of your needs.

Powerpressful is a FREE cydia app from the ModMyi Repo. We highly rate this tweak, not only because it’s free, because it’s a valuable tweak to have.

Powerfulpress is compatible on iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch on all firmware’s Ios5 onwards. We hope you head over to Cydia and install this badboy tweak. Massive props to cl3ment for releasing this wicked tweak, show him some support and give him a follow on twitter here! 


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