Password protect folders on your iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

By : Jordan Lawrence posted on April 1, 2012
Price : $1.59
Installer : Cydia Store
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How to password protect your folder on the iPhone, iPad & iPod

Hi Guy’s,

Want to keep those nosey fuckers out of your iOS folders? You can now protect them with a password! :-)   We give you FolderLock!

As you can see from the pic, iOS5 is not quiet supported yet, but I just wanted to show you guys! :-) So I am using my iPhone 4 running 4.3.5, which is supported! :-) (we will try and keep you informed when it comes available)

Firmware Compatibility; iOS4 ONLY

iDevice Compatibility; iPod Touch,iPhone & iPad

FolderLock will cost you $1.59 , but if you are security conscious, then it’s bloody cheap!!! :-) There are no new icons added to your Springboard, it’s all configured in your

Right, Let’s get you guy’s  protected! ……

  • Head over to Cydia,search “FolderLock” &  Install
  • Once you have Installed, you can exit out of Cydia and go to your setting app and scroll down until you see “FolderLock” Tap on it.

  • Here is where you put in the relevant information, as you can see I have put my password I want to use in **** and just tap enable! You can now exit the app to your springboard!
  • Now when you tap on one of your folders, you will get this….

  • So enter your password, and then it will open up your folder!!! :-)

How easy it that!!! Now you can create as many folders as you want knowing that they all will be password protected!!

You also can protect and enable other options such as your, Spotlight and Multitasking.

So….What do you think guy’s?? In my eye’s it’s well worth the measly $1.59 …..go and get it!!! :-)


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