PaperLock for iPod Touch & iPad

By : Mario Dabek posted on June 29, 2012
Price : $2.99
Installer : Cydia Store
Category(s) : Cydia TweakLockscreen

Hi Guy’s,

Bored of you “Slide to Unlock” feature on your iDevice? PaperLock will give you a sleek and stylish newinterface to open your device up on your homescreen.

PaperLock is a new “Lockscreen” Unlock Tweak from Cydia that turn’s your lockscreen into a piece of paper, and simply turn it away! As you will see from the pics below, it’s a pretty awesome tweak and adds a stylish twist to either your iPod Touch or iPhone.

PaperLock is available from the BigBoss repo and will set you back only $2.99!!! What a bargain! Unfortunately the only devices that it supports is the iPod Touch and iPhone, sadly the iPad is not compatible, but hopefully in time a new update will be available for the iPad, as we think it would look pretty sick on a iPad, :-)

Whats also cool about PaperLock, is that PaperLock is fully compatible with IntelliscreenX and other lockscreen Tweaks, as well as fully maintains the lockscreen Camera functionality, so you haven’t got to worry about any conflicts you may of thought you might incur.

Well guy’s, what’s your thoughts??? Surely it’s worth your $2.99??


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