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By : OrestesPap posted on February 10, 2013
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How to add a overlay clock on iOS

Now that the iOS 6 Jailbreak is out, I am sure that everyone is looking up for some cool Cydia tweaks and apps which will enhance their device’s capabilities and show off some brilliant HD themes which will make their iOS device look even more awesome than it already is.

The tweak we are going to be presenting you today isn’t that much fancy, though it’s really useful for all the ‘lazy’ Jailbreak users, including me.

The default user has two ways to see the time while the user is playing an app on his or her iDevice. The first one is by dragging down the notification centre. The second one is by locking his device and see the time from the lock screen. Both are very time consuming and force the user to pause the game.

Today I’ll talk about NCTabClock, a simple but very useful solution that will cure the above interruptions. NCTabClock allows the user to see the time on the little tab which pops-up before the notification center is exposed.



The most significant task that this tweak accomplishes is the fact that while doing this, it simultaneously doesn’t pause the game and the user can see the time in ‘no-time‘ without having to pause his current gaming session.

To download it all you have to do is open up Cydia, go to the application’s search tab and search the following term ‘NCTabClock’

Press ’install’ and the app will be downloaded and installed automatically.

Once the app is installed head up to Settings swipe down a little bit and you’ll find a tab with its name.

Open it up and enable NCTabClock.

The tweak will display the time format you have set up on settings.













Here is how NCTabClock appears on Temple Run 2


NCTabClock on Head Soccer


I’ve been using the specific tweak since November and so far I love it.

I haven’t found any bugs while using it and it doesn’t make the app lag while the digital clock pops up.

It’s definitely one of the most useful tweaks on Cydia. It’s also compatible with iOS 5.x and iOS 6.x

If you are looking to hook up your freshly Jailbroken iOS 6 device with new tweaks, the specific one belongs to the must have ones and should definitely be on every user’s device.

Price: Free

Rating: 10/10

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