LockSpring For Your iDevice

By : Mario Dabek posted on June 30, 2012
Price : $0.00
Installer : Cydia Store

Hi Guy’s,

Re-springing……Now there’s a subject that people get confused about. “Have I done a respring? How do I do respring on my iPhone?” These are quiet common questions we are asked on a daily basis, and “Is there a easy way to respring?” ….Well, Cydia has come up trumps again, with LockSpring.

I don’t know whether you can guess what it does by the name of it? but its quiet a straight forard but effective tweak. It adds a respring button and toggle at the top of your screen.

As you can see,  It’s an incredibly simple and straight forward tweak, and you will have this function in other apps,such as “WinterBoard” “SBSettings” etc etc , but with LockSpring, its very easy to access…it’s right on your Lockscreen. The settings are also very easy and straight forward.

LockSpring is compatible with ALL device’s, iPod Touch,iPhone &iPad and you will be required to be on iOS5+ to benefit from this tweak. Whats also good about LockSpring, is that it’s FREE!!!! :-)

Our final thought’s are; if you’re looking for a simple tweak that performs a respring with no extra features or cost, then LockSpring is the one for you!


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