LeviathanHaz3 HD, a ‘complete’ theme for the iPhone 5 #jbmhaz

By : Mario Dabek posted on February 6, 2013
LevaithanHaz3 HD
Price : $2.99
Installer : Cydia Store
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Now that the jailbreak is out for every iOS device on the market, I know everyone is eager to customize their device.

From custom lock screens, to cool looking icons, the evasi0n jailbreak has opened up a lot of options.

While many in the jailbreak community put their customization together piece by piece, some prefer to spend the extra couple of buck and grab a pre-made theme.

Today we’ll show you @iBitGirl‘s theme named LeviathanHaz3 HD, demonstrated on our newly jailbroken iPhone 5.

The theme comes in various flavours such as the iPhone 4, 4S, 5, as well as the iPad, and starts at $2.99. If you think $2.99 is high for a theme, let me assure you it’s not. Especially when you see how much work and effort has gone into each and every detail.

From Notification Centre, to homescreen, to lock screen, to custom load screens, this theme has it all.

Just take a look at all the UI tweaks created for just this one theme, you can tell this took a lot of work.


Let’s have a look:

First lets have a take a peak at the home screen.


Sweet ain’t it ?

I have this working with PaperLock and the Flashlight Torch tweak.

But, look at all the small details, they have been accounted for as well.

The battery has it’s own design, as well as the Signal indicator bars. You can see all the hard work going on here.


Now to the home screen, I enabled my weather widget as well, which comes default with the theme.


Look at those icons ! Look at the whole flow of this theme, it just says SEX ! :)

You can see all the icons are transformed into amazing looking 3D buttons, the weather widget flows nicely on top, everything unifies together very well.

Next, this theme also adds custom loads screens for your Apps that you can turn on.

Here are some load screens for the default Apple Apps


Here are some for some for your favourite app store apps


And even for Cydia Apps


These alone are a ton of work to do, and mostly not included with other themes.

Great work !

If you are looking for a complete makeover for your newly jailbroken iPhone 5, I highly recommend you try the newly released ‘LeviathanHaz3 HD’ theme.

The theme is available for download directly from cydia for $2.99

So what do you think ? Do you want to try this theme ? Well, we’re giving one away :)

Just tweet this post using the links above and you’re entered in the contest.

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