Leave My Apps Alone!!!! Cydia Tweak

By : Mario Dabek posted on June 25, 2012
Leave My Apps Alone
Price : $Free
Installer : Cydia Store
Category(s) : Cydia Tweak

Hi Guy’s,

Here is the scenario , you  let your friend or family use your iDevice, then when you get it back, all the icons seems to be in the wrong place because they have decided to mess around with your setup!!! Your like “WTF???” ….Well, Cydia has come to the rescue for you!! :-)

Leave My Apps Alone is a FREE tweak available in Cydia!!

Leave My Apps Alone tweak basically disables the ability to move and delete apps. Simple and easy! Once you install this tweak, you have NO options to configure, all you need to do is either enable or disable in your settings.app!

This tweak is available for users on or above iOS5 and works on iPod Touch,iPhone & iPad.

With this Cydia tweak installed, the apps on your Home screen are not going anywhere. While it is still possible to enter “wiggle mode”, the delete button over the app will not appear and the icon will be locked in position.

So if your like me and let people use one of your iDevices (ie; iPhone), you now not need to worry about them messing around with your setup of apps!!

Leave My Apps Alone has to be a tweak you need, even if you don’t enable it, just leave it sitting on your iDevice, because I guarantee that you will need this on your iPhone at some stage! ;-p

Well guy’s, you know what do do!!! Get over to Cydia and get downloading!!!


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