Launch Siri quicker and Full Screen

By : Jordan Lawrence posted on April 1, 2012
Price : $Free
Installer : Cydia Store
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How to launch Siri quicker and Full Screen

Hi Guy’s,

C0redev has release a tweak for “How to Launch Siri Quicker & Full Screen” for your iDevice.

QuickSiri allows you to launch Siri in full screen mode from the first launch. Normally when you launch Siri it doesn’t open up in full screen,(instead it opens up 1/4 of the screen) and when it’s searching or responding it opens in full screen mode.

You can find QuickSiri through the ModMyi repo.

Compatibilty Firmwares; iOS5 +

Compatibilty iDevices; iPhone 3GS,4 (If running spire) , iPhone 4s.

Apparently it makes Siri load faster on older devices running Spire. I’ve tested this on a iPhone 4 running Spire, and in my eyes it doesn’t seem to me like it runs that quicker, but it does fill the whole screen.

(No new icons are added to your homescreen)

To get this tweak up and running, you need to;

  • Head over to Cydia,serach “QuickSiri” and Install.
  • Once installed, your iDevice will “Re-Spring”.

  • All you need to do now, is try it out….so go ahead, hold your home button down to activate Siri.

As you can see, it does give you a full screen, but as I mentioned before, I “Personally” can’t seem to find that it’s that quicker than my iPhone4s running Siri.

Maybe I’m wrong, Let me know your thoughts????


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