How to track your iPhone theif with iGotYa

By : Jordan Lawrence posted on April 1, 2012
Price : $Free
Installer : Cydia Store
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How to catch your iPhone, iPad thief !

Hi Guy’s,

Let’s be honest, we all hate thieving bastards!! especially when you get your Mobile Phone stolen!! how annoying!!

Now we have an answer to these fuckers….iGotYa!!!


iGotYa works with your iOS passcode lock system. After setting up your information in Settings, if your passcode is being tampered with on the lockscreen, it will automatically snap a picture of the person who is trying to use or steal it and sends the picture along with the GPS location to your designated email address!! How cool!!! :-)

This tweak comes from the ModMyi repo and its totally FREE!!! :-) (for a limited time)It works on iPhone 4 & 4s as they are the only iPhones with a forward camera on there front.

Right, lets get you guys hooked up! ……

  • Head over to Cydia, search “iGotYa” & install, once installed, your iPhone will respring itself.
  • Now you will get a couple of messages pop up one your iPhone has started back up.

  • As you can see, a the present moment, this tweak is FREE!!! but you will need to buy after 10 days! for just 4.99 euros. BARGAIN

What you need to do now, is head to your settings and find your new tweak and tap on it.

Here you can see all the options you can configure to your taste, also how to receive the notification if or when your iPhone gets stolen.

Once you have done all of the above, if your device doesn’t respring, respring it yourself so all the settings are sweet.

And that’s it!!!!

Hopefully you don’t get your iPhone stolen, but at least now, you have the best chance of catching the low life’s.!

Here is a brilliant newspaper article where it actually worked and the thief was caught!

I hope you have found this very useful and hope you purchase it after your free trial!! I personally have this tweak setup on both my iPhone 4 and 4s! :-)

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