Have your iPhone read your incoming text / announce calls

By : Mario Dabek posted on February 7, 2013
Price : $0.99
Installer : Cydia Store

How to hear your iOS notifications

Today I want to show you a cool tweak by the name of iCallAnnounce.

This app will turn heads :) Trust me.

Well if you own an iPhone, I’m going to show you a very useful tweak that will allow you to receive all your SMS/Call/Twitter notifications without even picking up your phone.

Imagine if you’re working on the car, cleaning the dishes, or exercising, your hands are usually full and possibly dirty. So picking up your phone everytime you get a notification can be kinda frustrating. Your iPhone might get dirty or even worst wet. I know you might be thinking, just wait till you’re done. But most people, including myself don’t have the luxury to wait and answer later. We have kids and on-call jobs and each notification has to be checked all the time.

So enough with this rambling, how is this App going to assist you ?

Simple, it reads all SMS/Call and even twitter notifications for you as they arrive.

This means you can continue with what you are doing and just listen away. If some kind of emergency happens, that’s when you grab your iPhone :)

Let me show you iCallAnnounce in action.

I asked my fellow twitter followers to send me a tweet. And here are the results.

iCallAnnounce is currently in beta testing for iOS 6, and will arrive in Cydia shortly for the i5.


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