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By : Maya Martinez posted on January 13, 2013
Good Habits
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Daily Reminder

Have you ever wished there was an easy way to progressively move forward in completing tasks and an easy way to track it all? Well I introduce to you Good Habits for the iPhone. The app is a simple task tracker that tracks what you have set up to complete throughout the day that chains everyday together. Everyday you check off the box that corresponds with the task that you completed. A number then appears to the right that might correspond with the second number right next to it, if that is the highest number of days in your chain.

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The main reason in using this type of checklist is to help create a more productive workday or orient you towards working on what you want to make for more time in your life. The app is going to only work as good as you make it out to be. The app cannot make you do the task that you set out to do as well as you can just check off a box to make sure that your chain is not broken. The app requires you to be truthful and actually want to make change. The greatest feature on the app is the ability to set reminders that will be able to help you out if you live a time constraint life like I do. The best part about the app is that it will show you the days that you completed your task and the days that you missed in between.

Now there is an option to pause your task if you need to stop a task but do not want to delete it. Like let’s say that you have on your list Clean garage for 15 min. So everyday you clean your garage for 15 min and you are making great progress, actually getting it done, but not yet finished. You know that you want to only delete the task once you finish, but you just won a paid vacation for a week. You decide to take the vacation and you simply go into the tasks that you cannot complete on your list and you put them on pause. When pausing a task it doesn’t break the chain. It allows for you to take some days off and soon as you remove the task from the pause list you can continue your chain from where you last left it off at. That way you can fulfill your task and not feel guilty for missing days that you would have not missed if you had not left.

Overall I really like this app. It has helped get more organized and fulfill more of my obligations. I feel as if I am more productive at the end of the day and that I have accomplished more task in my hectic life.

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JBM Rating:  4/5

Go and try Good Habits for yourself, especially if you are deciding to start New Year’s resolutions. What task will you accomplish with this app?

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