Fade away on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

By : Jordan Lawrence posted on January 24, 2013
Fade away
Price : $0.00
Installer : Cydia Store

Out from Cydia comes a real nice tweak called FADE.

Fade is a tweak that makes your homescreen fade when pulling down your notification center. When pulling down your notification center, it smartly changes alpha depending on the whereabouts you’ve pulled it down, so if you have only pulled it down by 30%, your background will fade by 30%, or if you pull it fully down, your entire background fades. Pretty cool right!?

Here’s a screenshot of it on our iPad at roughly 40% down…

…and here is a screenshot of the Notification Fully down.

It’s smooth transformation of fading when sliding the notification center down is simply awesome.

You can grab this from the BigBoss Repo and it’s FREE!!

Compatibility; iOS6 + and available on ALL devices 

This is a pure example of why we Jailbreak, customise your device! and in what better way to start than to install FADE to kick start you off!

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