Enable FaceTime calling Over 3G

By : Jordan Lawrence posted on April 1, 2012
Price : $1.99
Installer : Cydia Store
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How to Enable FaceTime calling over 3G

Hi Guy’s,

One of my favorite features on my iDevices is Facetime,I use this a lot when I’m at home to talk to friends, the only downfall with Facetime  is that it needs Wifi to work :-(

Well my friends, Welcome FaceBreak!

FaceBreak enables facetime over 3G!! Yes, you heard me…over 3G!!! and it’s a simple 1 click setup on your device. Just think, no more looking for Wifi hotspots while your out, just simply walk and speak over 3G.

This Package is available through the BigBoss repo for $1.99 – If your like me and use facetime alot, this is a very small price to pay for an easy fix for you to use it anywhere!

Supports; 5.0/5.0.1 on All Camera iDevices.

Before proceeding with this Setup, you need to make sure that FaceTime works fine for you over Wi-fi. If you haven’t setup FaceTime yet please do so!!

Setup time!!!

  • Head over to Cydia,search “FaceBreak” and Install.
  • Next, head over to Settings,scroll down to Facebreak and tap “ENABLE”

That’s it!…Seriously! All you need to do, is try it out!

See my pics for example; (see in the status bar i have 3g only)

Note: If for some reason after a reboot FaceTime refuses to connect, then just re-spring by disabling and then enabling FaceBreak inside your settings menu.

Hope you go and purchase and Enjoy!!!


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