Create long tweets directly from within iOS 5.0+

By : Jordan Lawrence posted on April 1, 2012
Infinite Tweet
Price : $0.99
Installer : Cydia Store

How to do long tweets directly from iOS

Hi Guy’s,

If your like me and always on twitter, don’t you hate it when you run out of characters when you have so much to say? Sure 140 characters should be enough, but sometimes you have that little extra to say……well I do anyway lol.

Infinite Tweet comes to you from the BigBoss repo, this cool tweak basically allows you to tweet more than 140 characters!

In fact, it lets you tweet shitloads…so many that I don’t even know, and trust me, I ‘ve posted some really really long tweets!!! Hence the name Infinite Tweet.


As you can see, this tweak is not free, it will cost you only $0.99. This is a super deal your getting.

I have this tweak on ALL my devices, it’s a necessary for me and it’s easily one of my Top 10 tweaks…maybe in my top 5…

There is no new icons added to your homescreen, it’s all done in your settings.

Firmware compatibilty; iOS4 and up

iDevice compatibitly; iPod, iPad & iPhone 3G and up (tested)

Right, let’s jump on this and show you how to get it going……………………

  • Head over to Cydia,search “Infinite Tweet” and Install. (your device may respring)
  • After it has been installed, head over to your settings>Infinite Tweet and configure the settings how you want them.

  • Now you can come out of there, head over to your twitter app and try it out!! :-)

  • As you can see, when you go over your limit, you will see a – next to the characters, don’t worry keep going until you have finished your tweet, then press send.Thats when you will see “TwitLonger” (see pic), just tap it and that’s you done! Simples!

For this tweak to work, you must have either of the following;

  1. Official Twitter app.
  2. Tweetbot app.
  3. Echofon

Some extra features you get aswell are;

  • Instagram inline photo viewer for Twitter For iPhone.
  • auto-expander when you copy links.

I hope you will enjoy this tweak as much as I do. :-)


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