CommandSpot allows you to run action commands from the SpotLight

By : Jordan Lawrence posted on April 1, 2012
Price : $Free
Installer : Cydia Store
Category(s) : Springboard

How to run commands from your iOS Spot Light

Hi Guy’s,

As we all well know, the spotlight search on our iDevice is a pretty cool feature, but for some reason Apple haven’t done with it much……good job for the iOS Developers out there, we know have something to shout about for it!!! :-)


This tweak is available from the ModMyi repo on Cydia for FREE!!!

iDevice Compatibility; iPod Touch, iPhone & iPad

Firmware Compatibilty; iOS4 +

This tweak comes with a number of commands, which make using an iDevice faster and more convenient, by providing shortcuts executable via Spotlight, here is a list of a few;

  • “Respring” – Respring Springboard.
  • “Turn off” – Power off your device.
  • “Reboot” – Restart your device .
  • “Settings” – Launch the Settings app.
  • “Wifi” – Launch the Wi-fi settings for your device.
  • “Sms” – Launch and compose a new text message.
  • “Fb” – Launch the Facebook app.
  • Tw” – Launch the Twitter app, Tweetbot, and mobile site also supported.
  • “Dev” – Launch my twitter for comments and suggestions.

There are quiet a few more in the locker…so you can see how good this tweak really is!!

Apart from these commands, CommandSpot can take you straight to the official websites of services like CNN, Yahoo and Bing, as soon you enter their name in Spotlight.

I rate this tweak as 5/5!!



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