Close all iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Apps at once

By : Jordan Lawrence posted on April 1, 2012
Price : $Free
Installer : Cydia Store
Category(s) : Springboard

How to close all open iOS apps at once

Hi Guy’s,

If your like me, and it’s the little things in life that make you happy, then this is right up your street!

I like to try and keep all my iDevices neat and tidy, in the aspect of the homescreen/Springboard.

Mathieu Bolard has created a very nice and tidy tweak that allows you to kill all background apps on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

For this demonstration I’m using my iPhone 4s, running 5.0.1.

Note: This tweak does not include an icon or any settings visible on the SpringBoard; no options to configure. Requires iOS 4 or higher.

Lets get started:

  • Head over to Cydia, search “KillBackground”, Install. (YES, it’s FREE! :-) )
  • Once installed head over to your settings app, and scroll down till you see it,tap on it and it should open up like this:
  • Here you can see, there are a few options you can mess about with, as you can see, I set my button of left ON (you will see what i mean in a minute) anyway, have a mess about, it’s pretty straight forward what its asking you.
  • Once your all set up, come out of settings, back to your homescreen and double tap as you would to see what apps you have open, should look like this
  • As you will see, there is a little red skull (on my left – as per my setting set up), all you have to do, is tap that skull, and and voila! All background apps are killed of in one hit!!!

How easy was that????

Like i say, its the small things in life that I like, so if your on the same wavelength as me….GO GET IT!!! :-)



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