Clockify For Your iDevice

By : Mario Dabek posted on June 27, 2012
Price : $Free
Installer : Cydia Store
Category(s) : Cydia TweakLockscreen

Hi Guy’s,

Ever fancied having a Live Animated Clock on your Lockscreen or Springboard??…Yeah?

Clockify brings you just that!

Clockify not only makes the clock icon active, but also adds a widget in the Notification Center that shows an analog version of the clock. Clockify also adds an analog version of the clock along with the digital clock on the lock screen.

Clockify is supported for iPhone and iPod Touch only at the moment, so sorry iPad users. Hopefully there will be a updated version that will support all devices soon. Clockify will also only support devices that are on iOS5 + .Clockify will cost you a $1.00 , pretty good in our eyes for a awesome custom tweak for your device! What’s also cool is once you have installed this tweak, it gives you customization options to tweak it how you want!

Once you have all the configurations set to how you want itm you can then enjoy the awesomeness this tweak offers,the results are pretty cool, so for $1.00 you are getting alot of tweak! :-)

Oh….did I mention that it also can be used in your Notification Centre??? lol….to do this, you have to enable NCClockify from the, under “Notifications” section.

Well guy’s, what do you think?? Surely it’s got to be worth a download!? I’ve personally got this installed on both my iPhone 4s.iPhone 4 & iPod Touch!! :-) (Yes, I have to have all devices on me at once, lol)


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