‘CallBar’ …No More Interruptions

By : Mario Dabek posted on June 27, 2012
Price : $0.00
Installer : Cydia Store

Hi Guy’s,

Annoyed at kept being interrupted while in the middle of doing something on your iPhone? Tell me about it!!! Well luckily for us a tweak has been made to make sure this never happens again.

What’s great about the Jailbreak Community is that some developers listen to what users need, and that’s where this tweak originated from,so this just proves what a amazing bunch of guy’s are out there that put forward the time and effort in making awesome tweaks like this one.

We give you CallBar for the iPhone :-)

CallBar essentially allows you to manage incoming phone calls,whether it’s a voice call, or maybe a Facetime call  without losing the focus of your current task. Instead of taking up your iPhone’s entire screen announcing your incoming call (as the default), CallBar adds a subtle, yet noticeable, notification at the top of your iPhone’s screen. Thus resulting in improving the experiencing of receiving and managing phone calls on the iPhone.

CallBar is compatible with iOS4 & iOS5, So it gives everyone a chance to use this tweak, as I know a few of you are still on iOS4.

CallBar is a rather pricey tweak, coming in at $3.99, but in my view, you pay for what you get in life. If you want quality, you must be expected to pay that little bit extra!! and this tweak is top quality!

Once you install CallBar, you will notice a new icon on your Springboard, and also a new setup in your settings.app. It may look daunting as there are alot (and I mean alot) of options you can configure to your personal taste. (see pics below) But trust me, it’s very straight forward in setting up. :-)

Now that you have seen some of  the options, you can see that it is well worth the $3.99!! It literally changes the way you use your iPhone for calling and receiving purposes!!

Most users I know of this tweak have said that it’s one of the best tweaks out there, and I totally agree with them. Once having CallBar installed, you won’t want to go back to the default setup!

Well guy’s, $3.99 is all it is……..treat yourself!!!


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