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By : Mario Dabek posted on June 29, 2012
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Installer : Cydia Store

Hi Guy’s,

You want some peace and quiet, or you want a full nights sleep without your Notifications going off every 20mins…..But you want to keep your iDevice volume on as you use it maybe as your alarm…If this applies to you, we are going to talk about a cool tweak in Cydia that can make all these issues disappear!

Don’t you just hate it when your either in the middle of something,wether it be a game,watching something or just doodling around on one of your iDevice’s and all of a sudden the bloody Notification bar pops up…. BannerDisable can sort this issue out really easy!

BannerDisable is really simple to install, that’s probably why you will find it pretty cool for what is does with such little effort on your behalf! The only Catch is that you need to add a specific repo, which is; So you know the rules,head over to Cydia>Manage > Sources > Edit > Add :-)

BannerDisable puts a “Do Not Disturb”toggle in your iPhone,iPod Touch or iPad’s Settings app. When you flip the toggle, all incoming notifications (banner or otherwise) are hidden from you. They are collected in the Notification Center drop-down window and lock screen, but you won’t hear, feel or see them while the toggle is on.

As you can see from the pics above, it has a simple “On/Off” swipe gesture.

You might now be thinking “Fook, I might have missed some notification?”…..Don’t worry tho, you can always open Notification Center to see what you’ve missed!

This Tweak is supported by iOS5+  and runs perfectly on iPhone,iPod Touch & iPad. If your like me and always on your device either watching a movie or playing games, BannerDisable is a MUST!! No more interuptions! Once more, it’s FREE!!!

Well guy’s, I know you will be heading over to Cydia now…I ain’t even got to ask! lol

P.S. Remember to add the correct repo as mentioned above.


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