AnyRing allows you to use any MP3 as your ringtone

By : Mario Dabek posted on February 6, 2013
Price : $3.99
Installer : Cydia Store
Category(s) : Cydia Tweak

Updated and working great on the iPhone 5.

This tweak allows you to use your iPod Library, Personal Recording, YouTTube and even free downloads as a ringtone on your iPhone.

Not only that, you can also use a different ringtone per contact  :)

Are you annoyed that Apple has not put any decent ringtones on their devices?? Do you wish you could add whatever song as a singer, sms sound or even a custom email sound??

You’re in luck people!!!

There is an App in Cydia called: AnyRing, yes you have to pay for this one ($3.99c + Free Trial)..But hey, it’s a MUST have for any iPhone user and there’s a free trail!!

With AnyRing, you can easily select any song or even record your voice to play as a ringtone or SMS tone!!
What is also cool about this app is that you can transfer ringtones over Bluetooth, so you can share what you have with your friends.

(The only device that is NOT supported is iPhone 2G)

Right, to get started you first need to be jailbroken so check our chart, and then need to download this app from Cydia! It comes with a free trail so you can test it out before you comit.

Once downloaded, your device will respring and you should see your new app on your springboard somewhere, called AnyRing

Click on the App (as normal), and you will see a screen like this:

As you can see, it is quiet self explanatory……say you tap on Ringtone; a screen will pop up, asking you to select a source:

For example, I selected “Download Ringtones” …..And I entered a song that I wanted:

It will search whether you put in a song title or a music artist, so it’s pretty cool, incase you can’t remember the song or vice versa.

Once your song has come up, tap on install, and you should then see it in your sounds!

And that’s all there is to it!!! Simples J

You can now enjoy your ringtones, instead of being embarrassed of those default ringtones from apple!

What I have noticed, is that it takes quite a while to search for the song you are looking for, I don’t know whether that it gets overloaded with traffic, or that an update is need.

Anyway, I still think that this app is well worth it! J


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