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By : Jordan Lawrence posted on December 19, 2012
Price : $0.99c
Installer : Cydia Store

Now available fresh out from Cydia is this sweet tweak called ActiSearch from iMast777 that uses the Activator gesture to gain quick access to certain apps on your iDevice.

ActiSearch is a really useful and straight forward tweak to make your experience on your iDevice even more simpler to access some of your favorite apps without scrolling through various springboard pages.

















The search options for ActiSearch are as follows;

  • Baidu
  • Cydia
  • eBay
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Twitter
  • Wikipedia
  • Yahoo
  • YouTube

Other options you have to make your live simplier, is the different activations have to enable the ActiSearch, whether it be a ‘Double Press’ or a ‘Triple Press’ , this tweak will make all the difference in your search on your favourite Apps.

Cost wise….. Bet your thinking this may cost you heavily….quite the opposite actually, all it will set you back is a measly  $0.99c for this awesome tweak!

Big props goes to iMast777 for making ActiSearch, it’s an awesome app that we love here at Jailbreakmatrix, so we highly recommend getting on to Cydia and purchasing it.

Make sure you give him a follow on twitter @iMast777


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